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Application Process

Applying for WizHub is a simple four-step process. After submitting your application, we will invite you for a first get-together. After evaluating your application and the first personal impression, we will let you know if you will be among WizHub’s first students.

until September 30th 2020


Start the admission process by using the form below. After filling out your personal information, we will ask you a variety of questions.

October 2020

Feedback & Video Call

After submitting your application, we will invite you for a personal online-meeting in order to get to know you better and offer you the chance to ask questions.

November 2020


Our board members and experts will evaluate your application to find the most talented and passionate students.

January 2021

Program Start

After receiving your confirmation we are ready to take you on a journey that will change your life.

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Quick Overview

Here you can find a short summary of the Heart Education Program.

Key Facts

WizHub, based in Vienna, is a one year academic program (5-6h a week) with highly qualified lecturers, introducing a new pedagogical approach.

Heart Education

To shape the next generation of leaders, heart education focuses on fundamental qualities that make us human and exceptional.


The curriculum aims at equipping young people with skills and tools they need to succeed in life on a personal and professional level.


There are 27 topics such as leadership, mindset, ethics, personal development and evolution of technology

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The journey you’re about to start will be one for your whole life. Choose to open the door - or don’t. What’s waiting is a unique education, that will not only make you a better professional at your workplace but also an even more extraordinary human being.

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Focus on the unusual, your commitments outside of education / profession and your strengths & weaknesses.


Are you interested in our Scholarship?

There is a performance scholarship for college students and career starters. With that, you pay a maximum amount of 10% of the original price. After you have successfully submitted your application for the Heart Education Program, we will approach you with all necessary informations for receiving a scholarship. Are you interested?

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