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We are forming digital hearts by revolutionizing education


WizHub offers a unique education campus for young talents and future entrepreneurs


we shape your hands

Hands-on experience is crucial to tackle future challenges with a realistic approach.

That’s why we give you the opportunity to work on business projects in collaboration with industry leaders, as well as on R&D and innovation projects with peers and mentors.


we shape your mind

Theoretical basics and know-how are an important baseline to develop new ideas.

Modules in coding, growth hacking and business development in combination with modern learning techniques and professional lectors provide the theoratical base you need.


we shape your heart

Serving society by shaping the future in a meaningful way requires integer people.

We achieve this by providing classes, case-studies, coaching and training focused on value creation and the person.


Equipping students with important skills to solve future challenges

Online Marketing
Design Thinking


WizHub builds a bridge to students, universities and corporations


WizHub is a value-driven and future-oriented educational campus that thinks and acts globally. Students receive a holistic education, to be perfectly prepared for the future.


WizHub combines the knowledge of the best institutions, their great thinkers and their concepts, hence representing a platform for academic knowledge.


WizHub is the interface between talent – the most important asset of the future – and corporations, thus resulting in the emergence of new ideas and business models.

Digital Heart Topology

Shaping and forming the next generation in a meaningful way

We are working together with international experts to elaborate on the essence of human learning and working behaviour. Our goal is to find an effective way to bring them into the new world of work. We strongly believe that our origins are the very best foundation. With them we define roles to create new context and to tackle the great challenges in our society. Our Digital Heart Topology is an integral component to the WizHub education program.

Who we are

Samuel Koch Founder & CEO
Matthäus Konradsheim Co-Founder

We are building the WizHub education campus not on our own. Are you interested in supporting us in building something great? Regardless if you are just interested in general or you want to contribute in terms of knowledge, networks or even financially. We appreciate every conversation.

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We are the number one provider of quality education for young people, shaping them in their entirety and providing the best talents to the industry.

Samuel Koch Founder & CEO

Our Values