An Exceptional Program to Shape Hearts in a Digital World
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Are you sick of being a spectator in life?

WizHub offers a program that puts you in the driver’s seat of your own life. In an uncertain but fast-moving world, you are faced with challenges affecting every aspect of your life. Heart Education is our solution. It helps you discover your personal operating system and gives you the coordinates to navigate your life. It’s about understanding yourself, building lasting relationships and using your talents in a meaningful way.

Become a part of the Heart Education Program, learn from the experience of renowned Experts, receive individual Mentoring and be part of a young and exclusive community in Vienna, Austria.

What is Heart Education?

Heart Education focuses on fundamental qualities that make you an exceptional human being. Cultivating your talents, creative powers and habits builds the foundation for personal and professional success. Human centric values and altruistic frameworks provide the necessary compass to navigate towards the right goals.

What makes us exceptional

Young people should always be prepared for life’s personal and professional challenges, and all the more so amidst the constant technological and societal change in an increasingly complex and digital world. Our solution is a unique program, dedicated to educate and train students and young professionals the fundamentals of personal growth, leadership, resilience, decision-making, relationships and an excellent work ethic.

Learn from the best

The people teaching at WizHub are highly experienced individuals. Our team of experts includes professors from Europe's most prestigious universities and businesspeople from the industry.

Individual mentoring

You will be accompanied by a professional mentor throughout the program, who will help you get to know yourself better and therefore become your best self.

Study flexibly

Our program is designed for young people who are professionally active or studying at university. That’s why learning at WizHub is highly flexible and dynamic – just like you!

Take the chance

Heart Education is becoming increasingly relevant every day. We take the first step by leveraging global expertise and innovative learning approaches to offer the definitive formative experience.

Catch a Glimpse of our Program for Heart Education

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Program Highlights

Take a sneak peek and learn more about some of the topics covered in the program for Heart Education.

Personal Operative Model

Acting as the operating system, it’s essential to detect one’s strengths and weaknesses.

System Leadership

Leading effectively in a volatile, uncertain, ambiguous, and complex world.

Life and Relations

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence are key factors to live healthy relationships.

Failing Well

How to fail bigger, better, more often - and how to learn from one’s own mistakes.

Changing Patterns

Spotting counterproductive patterns in thought or action and setting them on the right path.

Mindset Revolution

Using the right mindset to navigate through personal and professional challenges.

Anticipatory Imagination

Training minds to think about what is not there yet. That’s where Innovation can start.

Ethics in a Digital Age

Actualizing values and work ethic in enterprises to achieve a functioning core for success.

Get to Know the People behind WizHub

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About the Experts

The people behind the program are highly experienced individuals, professors from internationally renowned universities, innovative thinkers and businesspeople from the industry. They share our vision of creating an excellent education program for personal development, leadership, the art of learning, responsibility and resilience – a guide for one's Personal Operative System to succeed in life on a personal as well as a professional level.

Get to know the Experts
Prof. Marta Bertolaso
University Campus Bio-Medico
Andrea Guida
Collaborations in Organizations
A campus in the heart of Europe weXelerate Praterstraße 1, 1020 Vienna

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