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WizHub offers a six-month program for Heart Education that complements what your previous education failed to transfer. We help you to understand who you are and how to navigate in an uncertain world. Join us today, learn from international and experienced professors, receive individual mentoring and be part of a young and exclusive community in Vienna. The program is based on three pillars.

Servant Leadership
Character Development
Innovative Thinking

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What our ambassadors say

Ali Mahlodji
EU Youth Ambassador
WizHub is the future of education. Our world is characterised by the fight head against the gut. Therefore we need Heart Education to create harmony between rational and emotional based decision-making. Only then can we make good and sustainable choices. The world is ready for alternative education initiatives and longs for the human.
Nathalie Karré
As an expert for potential development, entrepreneur and transformation coach, I have been working with people and organizations in change and development processes for more than two decades. The development of a corporate culture that is characterised by mindfulness, motivational strength, innovation and solution competence is the foundation for sustainable success. It is exactly these values and skills that the WizHub conveys to the new generation of leaders.
Matthias Strolz
Portfolio Entrepreneur
Education is about unfolding and unfolding takes a lifetime. In a time where linear professional biographies no longer exist, WizHub creates the framework conditions to bring young people closer to the ability to learn and change through lifelong learning and to get away from the idea of defining oneself exclusively through brain performance. The integration of the intuition and heart as an evolutionary USP of the human being is more important than ever in the age of digital transformation.

Heart Education – The missing piece of the puzzle

Heart Education is a field in education, focusing on the very fundamental qualities of an exceptional human being. Defined by the characteristics of Servant Leadership, Character Development and Innovative Thinking it aims at educating people to become self aware and altruistic leaders in modern society.

Program Highlights

Based on our three core values the program dives deep into various aspects in the context of history, technology, society, arts and many more. It applies our own methodology, including interactive case studies, teamwork and challenging projects combined with guided mentoring.

Personal Operative Model
System Leadership
Life and Relations
Failing Well
Changing Patterns
  • Price/performance Ratio
  • Tailored for GenZ
  • Content Diversity
  • Individual Mentoring
  • International Community
  • Heart Education


Business Schools

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In-House Training

The people behind the program are among the best experts, researchers and entrepreneurs

Together we share the vision of an excellent education program for personal development, leadership, the art of learning, responsibility and resilience – a guide for one's personal operating system to succeed in life on a personal as well as a professional level.

Get to know the Experts
Prof. Marta Bertolaso
University Campus Bio-Medico
Andrea Guida
Collaborations in Organizations
Valeria Bonilauri
Mindset Revolution
Gianluca Oricchio
Manging Complexity
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